As we already know, next generation, 3rd to be exact, of Intel Core processors will be produced using 22nm process technology. Despite the fact that mass production of new processor line-up will begin in 2H 2011, first performance values has already slipped to Internet. It is said that generally Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs will be 20% faster than current models of Sandy Bridge line-up.

Note that, Sandy Bridge processors has officially debuted in the beginning of January 2011, with some first-to-have features like integrated graphics processor (IGP) located on the same piece of silicon with CPU Cores. This design features coupled with other enchantments resulted in higher power efficiency and performance of Sandy Bridge chips compared to Intel’s first generation of Core series.

Obviously, performance boost of Intel Ivy Bridge series is generated by shifting to a more advanced manufacturing process technology — 22nm. So we should expect higher clocks too. Other changes are not so dramatically in terms of performance. Moreover, it is said that new CPU will share LGA 1155 socket with Sandy Bridge models. We can also expect Intel Ivy Bridge to support the latest PCI-Expess 3.0 specifications while IGP will gain support for DirectX 11 API meaning it will be much faster that current one seen in Sandy Bridge.

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