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3DMark 11 contest

Create a custom case design and win amazing prizes!

Guys at Futuremark has came up with contest delivered mostly to those of you who have willingness and strength to try your self in creation of something unique. All you need is to create a custom design for Antec DF85 case, i.e. for two side panels and top panel, inspired by the “High Temple” -scene from 3DMark 11 and send it to between November 23rd and December 23rd.

3DMark 11 contest

The lucky winner will receive the mentioned above case with the his custom design applied. The second place is split between 4 contestants. Each will get an Antec DF-35 case and Biostar TH67XE motherboard. Not a bad setup, especially on X-mas eve. However, there is more. Every contest participant has a chance to win the price the day he/she submits an entry.

The rules of the contest:

  • this is a custom case design contest
  • contest runs four weeks from November 23rd to December 23rd
  • download the Antec Dark Fleet 85 -template and create your own design
  • your design must be inspired by the “High Temple” -scene from 3DMark 11
  • you are free to incorporate any other graphical elements (restricted by copyright laws) into your design
  • screenshots and other assets from 3DMark 11 may be freely used in this contest
  • to enter email your design in.jpg format to

So don’t just sit there. Start creating! 🙂


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