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A75-UD4H — top GIGABYTE motherboard supporting APU Llano

Disclosure of detailed specifications for top Gigabyte motherboard with Socket FM1

Gigabyte decided not to wait for official launch of APU Llano Desktop platform and added several Socket FM1 motherboards supporting latest hybrid AMD A-series processors to company’s product portfolio.


GIGABYTE A75-UD4H is build on yet to be announced AMD A75 chipset.


Processor is powered via 8+2 phase circuit with 22 high efficiency “Lower RDS” MOSFETs implemented. Gigabyte’s original Ultra Durable technology features increased thickness of PCB conductive layers thus delivering more stable CPU powering and better cooling for surrounding elements. And don’t forget about Japanese Solid Capacitors that has became almost a tradition by now.

Four DIMM slots provide installation of DDR3 with max capacity of 32GB and 1866/1600/1333/1066MHz memory specification. Note that, DDR3 1866 mode is possible for two out of four DIMMs only.


Discrete graphics card assembly is brought by two PCIe x16 slots operating in x16+x4 mode ans supporting AMD CrossFireX technology. Integrated graphics can output display signal through either D-Sub, or DVI-D or HDMI port. AMD Dual Graphics technology allows to combine integrated graphics with Turks (HD 6500 and HD 6600) or Caicos (HD 6300 and HD 6400) discrete graphics cards into a single unit.

Expansion slots include two PCIe x1 and three PCI.

Integrated 8-channel audio codec is based on Realtek ALC889 chip and can achieve 108dB noise ratio (SNR) playback quality.

AMD A75 chipset provides drive connectivity for six SATA 3 ports with support of RAID (0.1,10) configs. In addition, chipset has native support for four USB 3.0 ports and 10 USB 2.0 ports featuring GIgabyte’s proprietary technologies. ON/OFF function allows Apple devices to be charged even with computer shut down. Moreover, device charging takes less time now since USB ports can deliver even more current values. SATA 2 ports can handle devices with up-to 1500mА current drawn, while SATA3 — 2700mА, which is three times bigger than standard values.


The I/O panel includes one D-Sub, one DVI-D and one HDMI port mentioned above as well as one PS/2, two USB 2.0, four USB 3.0, one eSATA 3, one RJ-45 Ethernet port, six audio inputs/outputs and one S/PDIF optical output.

Price information is not revealed, although the start of sales should begin in late June.

At the moment, you can find only four Socket FM1 motherboards listed in GIGABYTE products catalog, however, according to company’s presentation slide above, there should be a minimum of seven A75 chipset based models and five more that use AMD A55 chip.


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