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Aquacomputer Aquagratix waterblock for Radeon HD 6900 series cards

Aquacomputer has revealed photos of Aquagratix HD6900 fullcover waterblock

Today Aquacomputer has revealed photos of a fullcover waterblock for AMD Radeon HD 6900 series graphics cards — Aquagratix HD6900. Since both HD 6950 and HD 6970 uses same PCB, the waterblock can be installed on either of them.

Aquacomputer Aquagratix HD 6900 top view
High-grade copper waterblock provides even higher flow rate and greater cooling performance compared to previous series of Aquagratix blocks. The microstructure of the GPU area has been upgraded, by increasing the channel depth, therefore the copper base is only 9 mm thick now. This cooler combines the features of a graphics chip cooler and RAM-coolers in an elegant and very flat waterblock. Additionally the voltage regulators are also cooled effectively which is absolutely necessary, especially when overclocking.

Aquacomputer Aquagratix HD 6900 base view
All mounting threads are equipped with nylon spacers for ease of assembly. The contact areas for the GPU and RAM are polished for optimal contact. The block comes with 4-way connection terminal made of black Delrin. It has G1/4 threads and allows to install fittings/barbs on both sides, thus its supports CrossfireX. High-end thermal pads area included.

Aquacomputer Aquagratix HD 6900 base view
Package content:

  • Waterblock (Note: fittings are not included!)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Thermally conductive pad
  • Two sealing plugs for unused connection threads

The price is set to 84.89 EUR (incl. 19 % VAT).

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