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AMD A and FX series product launch schedule leaked

A slide from AMD presentation revealing timetable for two product line-ups

One of media sources has published a slide from AMD presentation that gives a picture on launch timetable for two product line-ups: A series APU (Llano) and FX series CPU (Zambezi).

The launch train arrives on 1st of June at Computex 2011 exhibition. That day AMD will present 9-series chipsets: double-chip and single-chip models for Zambezi and Llano respectively.

One week later, on 7th of June, AMD debuts AM3+ platform at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) event. Motherboard manufacturers are expected to show its products with the latest CPU socket.

Next, we will hear Sabine platform and APU Llano launch hitting Asian market on June the 12th. About the same time, AMD starts Fusion Developer Summit.

14th of June is the day we all been waiting for: the latest FX series processors and A series APUs will see the light at AMD 2011 Client Launch Event with Sabine platform introduction on the rest of world markets

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