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AMD broadens its mobile processor offering

New models include quad-, triple-, dual- and single-core processor with TDP-values of 35 and 25 watts

AMD presented ten new K10.5 mobile processors without any big words and placed specification on its official product page under The Mainstream 2010 AMD Platform (codenamed Danube). In fact, new models include two quad-core (Phenom II N950, Phenom II P940), two triple-core (Phenom II N850, Phenom II P840), five dual-core (Phenom II N640, Turion II N550, Turion II P540, Athlon II N350, Athlon II P340) and a single-core processor (V140) with TDP-values of 35 and 25 watts. These CPUs has clocks speed increased by 100 MHz. Most of these processors were already used in various notebook specifications. If and when the models will be available is still unclear, since there is no official statements from AMD.

As usual, AMD had couple of bugs in table of CPU specifications. For example, new models with a TDP of only 25 watts was mistakenly assigned to N series, which indicates a TDP of 35 watts. So here is a correct version of the table of all mobile processors on Danube platform:

AMD mobile CPu specification

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