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AMD FX-series processor specs leaked

Details on upcoming Bulldozer chips

The closer we get to the launch day of AMD FX-series processors based on Bulldozer cores, the more information appears on the Internet

According to media sources, there will be eight AMD Bulldozer-based products released at first, featuring eight-core FX-8130P and FX-8110 models, six-core FX-6110 and quad-core FX-4110 models. All of them are expected to appear in the end of Q2 2011, most likely in June.

General details for processors specified above include:

  • Supports Socket AM3+
  • Up-to 8Mb of L3 cache
  • 4.6 or 8MB of L1 cache (depends on core-number)
  • Integrated memory controller (DDR3-1866)
  • Supports Turbo Core technology
  • Unlocked cores will bring great overclocking potential
  • TDP of 95W (TDP 125W for FX-8130P processor)

Unfortunately, there are no data on processor clocks, however, it can be suggested to set around 3 GHz mark. Despite the fact that prices have not been revealed, AMD positions its product to compete against 2nd generation of Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, which gives us a rough estimate.

AMD FX-series processor, codename Zambezi, will be manufactured at GlobalFoundries using 32nm SOI process technology.

Updated has published price infor for AMD Zambezi and Llano processors winch we amplified with known processor specification:

CodenameTech. processSocketCoresArch.ClockTurboUnlocked mult.L2 CacheL3 CacheMemory supportGraphicsTDPPrice
FX-8130PZambezi32nmAM3+8xBulldozer3.8GHz4.2GHzYes4x 2MBup-to 8MBDDR3-1866No125W$320
FX-8110Zambezi32nmAM3+8xBulldozer3.6GHz4.0GHzYes4x 2MBup-to 8MBDDR3-1866No95W$290
FX-6110Zambezi32nmAM3+6xBulldozerYes3x 2MBup-to 8MBDDR3-1866No95W$240
FX-4110Zambezi32nmAM3+4xBulldozerYes2x 2MBup-to 8MBDDR3-1866No95W$220
A8-3550PLlano32nmFM14xK104MBDDR3-1866HD 6550
A8-3550Llano32nmFM14xK104MBDDR3-1866HD 6550
A6-3450PLlano32nmFM14xK104MBDDR3-1866HD 6530
A6-3450Llano32nmFM14xK104MBDDR3-1866HD 6530
A4-3350Llano32nmFM12xK102MBDDR3-1866HD 6410
E2-3250Llano32nmFM12xK101MBDDR3-1600HD 6370


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I’ve got a amd phenom 3.4ghz, was going to upgrade to intel sandy bridge 2600k but i’m hearing good things about the bulldozer chip, will be upgrading my soon.

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