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AMD is getting ready for the first Fusion family of APUs

“Brazos” and “eBrazos” Based Motherboards Equipped for Q1 Availability


AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced a strong lineup of motherboard products for AMD’s 2011 low-power mobile platform (code-named “Brazos”) and the AMD Embedded G-Series platform for embedded systems (code-named “eBrazos”), both based on the first AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). The 2011 low-power mobile platforms feature the new 18-watt AMD E-Series APU (code-named “Zacate”) or the 9-watt AMD C-Series APU (code-named “Ontario”).

Chris Cloran, Corp. VP and GM, Computing Solutions Group, Client Division, AMD, said:

AMD is ushering in a new era of personal computing, and our industry partners are ready to take advantage of the first ever AMD Fusion APU. By combining the processing of the CPU with the GPU on a single energy efficient chip, we believe their customers can take advantage of better price/performance, superior 1080p HD playback and small form factors for innovative designs.

Infrastructure Partners Numerous motherboard designs based on the AMD E-Series APU are planned for retail channels and system builders from leading original design manufacturers (ODMs), including ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI and SAPPHIRE. Additional motherboard designs based on the AMD Embedded G-Series platform for embedded systems are scheduled for Q1 2011 availability to enable the next generation of embedded computing devices from digital signage and medical imaging to casino gaming machines and point-of-sale kiosks.

Joe Hsieh, Vice President of ASUS, said:

With the new AMD E-Series APU, we can provide our customers the cost-effective solutions they’re looking for to build PCs with unrivalled image quality. Our AMD E-Series APU-based motherboards redefine the low-power, small PC experience to go beyond basic Internet browsing for today’s digital lifestyle.

Henry Kao, Senior VP of Global Sales and Marketing at GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd., said:

GIGABYTE leverages the latest processor platform technologies to address the needs of today’s demanding PC users. Whether our customers are looking for a low-power small form factor solution or a system capable of delivering blazingly fast performance, our latest motherboards based on the dual-core AMD E-Series APU are ready and capable of addressing their needs.

Scott Yang, Vice President of Motherboard Sales & Marketing Business Unit, MSI, said:

MSI has developed several new Mini-ITX and uATX motherboards designed to unleash the power of AMD’s E-Series APU for superior multimedia performance. Our latest motherboards featuring the AMD E-Series APU are designed for long-term use in small, quiet PCs ranging from silent Mini-ITX desktops to home digital media.

Adrian Thompson, Vice President of Marketing, SAPPHIRE, said:

It is clear that AMD Fusion technology is an important step forward in PC technology, and we’re looking forward to supplying our customers the latest motherboard design featuring the AMD E-Series APU.With the AMD E-Series APU, our latest motherboard designs demonstrate enhanced performance and power-savings can be implemented in a cost effective PC platform.

Source: AMD

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