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AMD renames HD 6000 series cards

An internal document reveals new naming for HD 6000 series graphic cards

There is an official announcement that AMD has new names for the upcoming AMD Radeon HD 6000 series cards. To prove it, here is an internal document that shows info which can confirm or disprove conjecture and rumors of past weeks.

Now we are almost certain that not only Barts based cards underwent a re-branding. The same was done with the new solutions of HD 6800 Radeon series that are coming. However, as it is clear from the internal document, not only that but low-end cards were affected too.

AMD HD 6000 re-branding

This, presumably, turns Juniper XT into a HD 6770 that was previously planned to use Barts XT which is now HD 6870. The HD 6970 Antilles is expected to become HD 6990. We furthermore believe that even more graphics cards with dual GPUs models of different performance levels may appear.

According to the latest info, Cayman XT can become HD 6970 instead of HD 6870 as it was planned earlier. And HD 6990 naming will probably be reserved only for the multi-GPU solutions. Will AMD’s adhere to the naming of graphics cards from the document, we will know for sure in a couple of weeks.

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