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AMD Zambezi debut delayed

Long awaited AMD Bulldozer processors will be available in 2-3 months.

Today, during AMD press-conference at Coputex 2011 Exhibition in Taipei the company has official launched AMD 9 series chipsets. These chipsets are made to support AMD’s latest processors with Bulldozer architecture.

It was first planned to present AMD FX-series products in mid June 2011. However, today AMD specified a different debut time for Zambezi processors.

AMD Zambezi выйдут в течении 2-3 месяцев

In his speech, Rick Bergman, AMD vice president, told that Zambezi CPU should see the light in the following 60-90 days. That is, processors debut is pushed back by 2-3 month. Meantime, motherboards based on AMD 9 series chipset will hit retail this month already. As new Socket AM3+ is back compatible with AM3 processors, new motherboards can be fully used with current AMD CPU models — Phenom II, Athlon II and Sempron 100-series.

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