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An open letter to ASUS customers and partners

Proactively responding to the Intel-identified Sandy Bridge chipset design error

Asus has published a press release , stating that company stops manufacturing of the products with potential problem triggered by Intel’s 6-series chipsets and ready to replace the ones that are already on the market.

The list of products that fall under replacement includes motherboards as follows:
P8P67, P8P67 DELUXE, P8P67 EVO, P8P67 LE, P8P67 PRO, P8P67-M, P8P67-M PRO, SABERTOOTH P67, MAXIMUS IV EXTREME, P8P67 WS Revolution, P8H67, P8H67-M, P8H67-M EVO, P8H67-M PRO, P8H67-V, P8H67-I DELUXE, P8H67-M LE, P8H67-M LX, P8Q67-M DO, P8B WS. The replacement includes desktop systems CG8350, CM6650, notebooks G73SW, N43SL, N43SN, N53SN, N53SV, N73SV and Barebone systems V7-P8H67E, V9-P8H67E.

The get a refund for a faulty product, contact your seller. The replacement will become available as soon as new revision of Intel 6-series chipsets are released.

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