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Apogee XT — new Swiftech flagship waterblock

Apogee GTZ passed the title of flagship to a new model — Apogee XT

An update in the line of Swiftech water-blocks for processor cooling. Apogee GTZ passed the title of flagship to a new model — Apogee XT:

Swiftech Apogee XT

According to Swiftech words this new waterblock together with Core i7 920 D0 CPU overclocked to 4095Mhz at 1.392V showed a 3 degree better result than its previous model — Apogee GTZ:

Apogee XT

The flow resistance is a bit lower than the predecessor Apogee GTZ has:

Pressure drop of Apogee XT

Here are specifications of this new arrival:

  • Waterblock is optimized for Intel socket LGA 1156 и 1366 CPU cooling

Flow inside Swiftech Apogee XT

  • One of the best and most convenient retention hardware allows waterblock to be easy installed
  • Revolutionary detachable inlet plate, allows installation of even the biggest compression fittings on the waterblock. This is how the waterblock looks like with the turned by 180° detachable inlet plate and installed compression fittings:

Apogee XT with compression fittings

  • Otstanding performance thanks to a pin matrix composed of 225 µm micro structures:

Swiftech Apogee XT base

Apogee XT comes together with the pressure plate (top) compatible with all Intel Core platforms. As for now, the package only includes s.1366 backplate, however, beginning from the mid October the package will also include s.1156 backplate. To those of you who bought it without s.1156 backplate the company promises to sent it free of charge. Mounting kits for other sockets or platforms is optional and can be bought separately.

The package also includes 1/2″ fitings while 3/8″ are optional.

Detailed dimensions:

detailed dimensions Swiftech Apogee XT

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