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Aquacomputer Aquagrafx GTX 580

A combined GPU/RAM/VRM waterblock for reference design GeForce GTX 580 (GF110 GPU) graphic card

Shorty after GeForce GTX 580 official launch, we have received news on the upcoming full-cover waterblock designed by German company Aquacomputer.

Aquacomputer Aquagrafx GTX 580

Aquagrafx GTX 580: base inner structure

Aquagrafx GTX 580: top inner structure

Aquagrafx GTX 580 GPU cooling channels
As manufacturer states, this waterblock is based on GTX480 block, therefore, we can expect almost the same performance/resistance levels. Moreover, we are sure, AquagraFX 580 uses same materials as well as has similar inner structure, i.e. it is fair to say that same words from AquagraFX 480 description:

This waterblock combines the functionality of a GPU waterblock as well as RAM and VRM waterblock in one elegant and thin waterblock. The block is made from copper with a CNC mill and reaches a weight of less than 1 kg when finished. The cooling plate is 10mm thick and has a very fine channel structure in the GPU area (0.3mm). To pay tribute to the more and more complicated graphics card designs we have now integrated spacers on all threads for maximum safety and ease of installation. The contact surface for GPU and RAM is polished to a mirror finish for optimum contact and heat transfer. The waterblock is designed for extreme cooling performance and low flow resistance. Another special feature is the Delrin connection terminal which offers the possibility of fitting connection from both sides of the waterblock. The connection thread is G1/4″ in size.

To sum up, we get a combined GPU/RAM/VRM waterblock for reference design GeForce GTX 580 (GF110 GPU) graphic card.
The final product is not ready yet, hence, no test results revealed — minor block changes are possible. Aquacomputer plans the production of the final version by the end of this week. In future, there will probably be a nickel plated version of the block.
The price is not set, though it won’t differ much from one aquagratix480 has, maybe even less.


This just it. The block is almost ready. Here is a quick peek at the block installed on the GTX 580.
Aquagrafx GTX 580 installed
This means that Aquagrafx GTX has been tested. The following pic demonstrates its cooling performance at full load running Furmark 1.8.2:
Aquagrafx GTX 580 test result
The block managed to cool the card below 55 degrees on stock clocks, which accounts to 20-25 degree difference compared to NVIDIA’s vapor chamber cooling. Very nice result and some room for overclocking is left too.
Lets hope it won’t effect the final price.

Source: Aquacomputer

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