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Aquacomputer confirms new PCB design for HD 6970/50 cards

The company is working on cooling solution for AMD Radeon HD 6970/50 graphics cards with 2nd version of reference design

Somewhat in the past, we wrote about AMD’s plans to present a revised version of HD6970/50 cards with uggraded PCB design. It was mainly the concern of power sub-system, which should feature Texas Instrument (TI) DrMOS elements instead of Voltera ones currently used. According to Aquacomputer news, it has recently received a AMD Radeon HD 6970 graphics cards with 2nd version of reference design.

AMD Radeon HD 6970 Reference design V1
AMD Radeon HD 6970 Reference design V2

As we see, the main difference is the power system. Now it has 6+1 phase circuit using different ICs though it is still hard to tell whether those are TI DrMos. Another thing to note is there is no Dual-BIOS switch. Apparently AMD does not like the opportunity of getting a “full-fledged” HD 6970 at a cost of HD 6950. A second revision of HD 6970/50 references boards will also means an upgrade for Aquagratix HD 6900 waterblock.

Aquacomputer is currently working on new water-blocks for revised PCB layouts of graphic cards mentioned above as well as a cooling solution for AMD’s new flagship HD6990 which is said to be the longest block in history of water-block production at Aquacomputer. More details should follow soon.

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