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Aquaero 5.0 takes the place of its ancestor

Aqua Computer has introduced its latest controller of a legendary Aquaero line-up

German company, Aqua Computer GMBH, famous for its high achievements in design of control and monitoring systems for computer cooling systems and in water cooling component manufacturing, has presented Aquaero 5 — its latest model of a legendary Aquaero line-up.

Aquaero 5 XT

The new model features numerous innovations that are revealed in manufacturer’s official press-release (in German) and in corresponding forum thread (in English). Note that production of controller of previous generation has been stopped.

Prices for 5th series of Aquaero controllers start at 59.90€ for LT version, while the top model — XT — costs 159.90€. The first batch of Aquaero 5.0 controller is expected to arrive in February. Meantime, take a look at a demonstration video featuring new Aqauero 5.0 XT.

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