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Aquaero 5 XT controller review

The new device offers considerably enhanced system monitoring tools and more flexible control settings provided not only for fans but for a wide selection of peripherals, thus resulting in a complex autonomous control over your entire system.


Today, not only the horde of hardware enthusiasts but the increasing number of plain users also seek quietness from their PC. In order to help them pick what is more important for each: increase of cooling system power or additional noise caused buy it, special fan controllers were developed. Currently there are many such devices on market, however, most of them offer only basic monitoring and control options. Looking at devices with extended functionality, we can say that products of German company Aqua Computer has fairly gained high popularity among users. The company has brought new level of functionality by combining enhanced monitoring features with flexible automatic fan control all housed in one single controller.

In 2011 German manufacturer has announced Aquaero 5 series controllers in replace to its legendary predecessor Aquaero 4. The novelty has been designed from a scratch but saved the main concept — a microprocessor based device with four control channels to be installed in a single 5.25″ bay. The feature Aquaero controllers stand out is its autonomous operation — shortly after system start the device takes full control over your cooling system while bringing detailed information of your system status at the same time. The controller does not wait for Operating System to boot, moreover — the controller does not require any specialized drivers for any OS in is supported by. Control and monitoring settings can be changed ether through front panel or using the supplied software.

Following the tradition, Aquaero 5 is presented with several models thus providing buyer a set of options to choose from depending on their needs. The main difference between models is presence of display, control button type and control channel power output. The common functionality of all Aquaero 5 series devices is the same!

Top two models come with black&white LCD with resolution of 256 x 64 pixels that can also display graphics info at a speed of 20 page per second.

Aquaero 5 XT

Aquaero 5 XT (159.90 EUR) is the flagship of the new controller line-up. The model features sensor buttons (3 main and 4 programmable) and a remote control unit. The heatsink on power transistors of output channels means each of them can handle up-to 20W load.

Aquaero 5 Pro

Next is Aquaero 5 Pro (119.90 EUR). Instead of sensor buttons we saw in Aquaero 5 XT, the Pro version has three mechanical type buttons. No radiator on power elements has resulted in maximum load drop to 10W per channel. The remote control is not included.

Heatsink on power elements

Several month later after product launch, the company began shipping Aquaero 5 XT with enlarged heatsink, on the other hand, Pro version was equipped with a standard black heatsink. Fro those who bought the Pro version earlier, manufacturer offers a free heatsink with at least 10 Euro order placed at their shop.

Aquaero 5 LT

The last is Aquaero LT (59.90 EUR) models that lacks display , control buttons, heatsink and mounting brackets. In this case, controls can be set through supplied software only. Fan outputs can handle 10W per channel. Although there is no exact info on possibility to transform LT into XT or PRO version, hardware implementation of the first one does not absolutely deny such modification.

Waterblock for power transistors

For those who wish to use Aquaero 5 with powerful devices (exp. pumps) it is recommended to install a waterblock on power transistors. The waterblock is an option — it can be purchased through Aqua Сomputer e-shop or retailer network.

Black bezel for Aquaero Pro

Black bezel for Aquaero 5 XT

In addition, company offers the possibility to change native silver front bezel of Aquaero 5 XT and Aquaero 5 PRO to black one (Pro, XT).

We were lucky to receive the top Aquaero 5 series model — XT — that was kindly provided by Aqua Сomputer company.

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