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Aquaero 5 XT controller review

The new device offers considerably enhanced system monitoring tools and more flexible control settings provided not only for fans but for a wide selection of peripherals, thus resulting in a complex autonomous control over your entire system.


Time for some final words on our test

Aquacomputers Aquaero 5 XT

There is no doubts that Aquaero 5 is a great step forward compared to its predecessor. Controller functionality had been dramatically increased both on software level and though front panel control. Same time the selection of periphery that can be connected to the device has become wider. And don’t forget the opportunity to choose from several versions: XT, PRO or LT making, Aquaero 5 more flexible for buyers price wise.

We liked:

  • Package content and product quality
  • Little size of Aquasuite 2012 *.exe file to download
  • Firmware already included with the software
  • No additional driver required
  • Quite simple and intuitive software in general
  • Wide selection of settings though panel with no need to load OS or Aquasuite 2012
  • Allows to build a complex LC control and monitoring system
  • Customer support. Special Thanks to Sven (aka Shoggy)

We disliked:

  • Touch buttons on a front panel of XT version (alternative — remote control unit)
  • Absence of some important software sections
  • Software issues and bugs related to BETA status
  • Voltage drops and reading inaccuracy
  • Lots of heat generated by power ICs

High level of automation and considerable scalability can make Aquaero 5 become a center of your cooling system, whether it is Air cooling or Water cooling. Moreover, full automatic operation of once user configured device guaranties its work despite what is happening with your OS.

On the other hand, it will require sizeable financial expenditure, starting with a purchase of controller and all the periphery required and bought separately in the end. But as the say: “Safety first”.

The main problem we encountered during Aquaero 5 XT test was Aquasuite 2012 software. Although the new look and simple menu navigation resulted in quite a fast controller configuration, the absence of some important sections, such as Alarm/Warning features and Data Logging, is significant neglect. But seen, how actively technical support works on solving all the problems users face, we can be assured that mentioned above faults will be dealt in no time. By the way, by the time this article was published Aquasuite 2012 has updated to BETA 9. Following that name, we can assume that first stable versions of software will be released somewhere in 2012. We, on the other hand, will update the article with each major update of to the device/software as far as possible.

Even despite some temporary shortcomings of a novelty, at the moment Aquaero 5 stands alone bearing in mind the variety of technical abilities it offers to a user, therefore, it has full rights to receive our “Editor’s Choice” award.

Editor’s choice

Many thanks to:
Aquacomputers company for making this review possible
Aquatuning modding and Water cooling shop for providing periphery for the device

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