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Aquaero 5 XT controller review

The new device offers considerably enhanced system monitoring tools and more flexible control settings provided not only for fans but for a wide selection of peripherals, thus resulting in a complex autonomous control over your entire system.

Package content

Aquaero 5 XT package

Aquaero 5 XT comes in soft cardboard box, its top shoLCases device’s key features as well the outlook of the controller itself and remote control unit.

Aquaero 5 XT package

Aquaero 5 XT

Aquaero 5 XT extent of delivery

The list of accessories that come with Aquaero 5 includes:

  • 1x 5-pin USB cable with for internal connection
  • 1x aquabus/speed signal cable
  • 4x temperature sensors
  • 4x mounting screws
  • 1x remote control unit
  • 1x User and Installation manual
  • 1x Important notice

USB cable is almost 1 meter long which is enough to connect Aquaero 5 even in largest PC cases. Aquabus/speed signal cable is intended for connecting other devices (such as Aquastream, Multiswitch USB, Poweradjust 2) to controller via Aquabus — Aqua Computer’s proprietary interface. Sensors have 70 cm length with good in most cases, but can be short if, for example, you want to install it on a radiator outside PC. The remote control requires two batteries that are already included with the package.

Aquaero 5 XT: side view

All the electronic components are soldered on three PCBs that are mechanically connected to each other via four screws. This makes it easy to disassemble Aquaero 5 when needed, for example, when changing the cooling solution for power transistors or cleaning LCD of dust.

Aquaero 5 XT: disassembled

Technical features

Aquaero USB 5 features
Temperature sensors:
  • Connect up-to x8 temperature sensors (extendable to x40)
  • Use up-to x4 virtual sensors (Max., Min., Avg, Delta, Abs. Delta)
  • Use up-to x4 software sensors
  • Free distribution of sensor names
  • Adjustable correction factors for fine-adjusting the sensors
Flow sensors:
  • Connect up-to 2 flow sensors
  • Free distribution of sensor names
  • Choose from six measuring units
  • Adjustable flow sensor polling lets different manufacturer’s sensors to be used
  • Set up max and min flow limits
Fan channels:
  • 4x control channels (expandable to x10)
  • Free distribution of fan names
  • Individual control setting for each channel or selected group
  • Individual operation readings for each channel
  • Set up max and min fan speed values
  • Fan start-boost settings
  • Set point controller mode
  • Two point controller mode
  • Constant value mode
  • Curve controller mode
  • 4x built-in profiles for quick switching between them
System error detection:
  • Fan stop detection
  • Critical flow rate settings
  • Critical temperature readings settings (Over heating)
  • Pump malfunctioning
  • Fan channel overload
  • Critical water level in reservoir
Actions in case of system failure:
  • Software-based PC power shut down settings
  • ATX-compatible power supply turn on/off (if connected appropriately)
  • Visual alarm via LED module
  • Fan shut down in case of overload or overheating
  • Fans tun at 100% in case of reaching 95°C
  • Sound alarm via built-in beeper
  • Display brightness and backlight settings
  • Display Custom graphics via LCD software platform LCD-Hype
  • Color inversion
Aquastream pump connection:
  • Modular design, allows combination of Aquaero and Aquastream boards
  • Built-in diagnosis feature for Aquastream pumps
  • Pump status, malfunction and current data display
  • Adjustable pump performance level
  • Pump deaeration mode control
Other device connection:
  • Other Aqua Computer components can be connected via Aquabus bus(Aquastream pumps, Poweradjust 2)
  • Optional connection of Multiswitch USB, programmable electronic USB switch with individual 8-channel control
  • Can interact with Tubemeter, RGB-LED module, IR-Booster
Interaction with PC:
  • PC connection via HiSpeed USB 2.0 standard
  • Uses HID (Human Interface Device) interface
  • No drivers needed using Windows, Linux or OS-X operating system
  • Control over all functions is organized via PC and supplied software (Windows)
Firmware update:
  • The firmware of the Aquaero can be easily updated using Aquasuite 2012


Aquaero 5 Specification
Power voltage:
  • Balck/white LCD, 256×64 px resolution, max frame rate 20 pages per second
  • 32-bit, 48MHz
Built-in memory:
  • ~140 000 values
LED control:
  • One 4-pin Molex KK connector for 1 three-colored LED module
Power Suply turn on / off control:
  • One 3-pin Riacon connector in relay circuit. Maximum switching power : 12 V and 1 A
  • One 2-pin Molex KK connector connected to +5V Standby to power the device in standby mode
Control channels:
  • Three 3-pin Molex KK connectors with RPM signal support. Voltage control range 0-12V with 0.1V step. Maximum load is ~20 Watt per channel, current is limited to 1.65 A.
  • One 4-pin Molex KK connector with RPM signal readout and PWM control support. Maximum load is ~20 Watt per channel, current is limited to 1.65 A.
  • Overall load per device should not exceed 5A (Can be reached only with sufficient cooling of power transistors)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Control over consumed current and voltage
  • Power transistor temperature control
  • Two 2-pin Riacon connectors with PWM control support. PWM frequency is PWM 16kHz. Maximum load is 1A at 12 V.
Sensor connection:
  • Eight 2-pin inputs for 10kOm NTC sensors
  • One 3-pin Molex KK connector for flow sensor connection
  • One 5-pin internal USB connector
  • Two 4-pin Molex KK Aquabus bus connector
  • One 4-pin Molex KK connector for IR transmitter connection
  • One 3-pin Molex KK connector to pass fan speed signal to motherboard
Power consumed:
  • 0.35W in IDLE (display off)
Dimensions (LхHхW):
  • 148х43х58

While comparing technical features of the novelty and its predecessor, details of which you can find in our review (Aquaero 4.0) we should outline the following noticeable changes:

  • All Aquaero 5 series products are equipped with a 32-bit 48MHz processor and flash-memory
  • Instead of blue/white display with 2×20 resolution, Aquero 5 XT and Pro version can boast of black/white graphics LCD with resolution of 256×64 px and refresh rate of up-to 20 pages per second.
  • PC connection interface upgrade — obsolescent USB 1.1 interface was changed to version 2.0. There was no point of implementing USB 3.0 as the speed provided by USB 2.0 is more than enough for needs to the controller. Moreover use of USB 3.0 could cause compatibility issues as it not as wide spread among system as USB 2.0 is today.
  • Fan control channel abilities were slightly enhanced. Max current load has increased from 0.8 А/Ch (Aquaero 4) to 1.65 A/Ch (Aquaero 5). The fourth channel now has support for PWM control. Control precision has been improved too. The total amount of fan control channels can be expanded by 6 additional ones provided via Power Adjust 2 modules.
  • Besides four fan channels, there are two additional ones that has support for PWM to. However, its max current load is limited to 1A and these channels are recommended to be used with lightning cathodes or LEDs
  • Previous experience with Aquaero 4, that could fail due to overload, has taught Aquaero 5 to avoid such problems, thus it gained individual channel current control and power transistor temperature display
  • Relay has been improved too — current load limit has been lifted from 0.5А of Aquaero 4 to 1.0A of Aquaero 5.
  • Aqua Computer uses Aquabus for data transfer between controller and branded periphery devices connected to Aquero. In Aquaero 5 this interface has been reworked and got a higher information rate.
  • Internal clock has now become a fully functional calendar.
  • The number of connected temperature sensors of the novelty amounts to 8, plus up-to four software sensors can be used now. Temperature measurement ranges has been expanded: from 0-100°С (Aquaero 4) to -40-120°С (Aquaero 5). Hardware testers will surely love the improvement in temperature sensor reading accuracy — it does no exceed 0.05K. Moreover, there are three integrated temperature sensors for controller element status check.
  • The company also has spoken about possibility to introduce special digital sensors for Aquaero 5. According company representative, these are only to be purchased through Aqua Computer e-store.
  • Control mode are more flexible to set compared to settings Aquaero 4 has. The new controller line-up supports up-to x8 Set Controller modes, or x16 Two point controller modes, or 4 Curve Controller modes. The last one allows custom control mode implementation.
  • LED control now support RGB modules
  • Additional, and IR transmitter can be connected to Aquaero 5 thus providing distant control over your system as well as your home appliances, for example, TV-set.

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