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Aquaero USB 4.0 controller review

This device lets you control fans in reference with temperatures in control points, as well as it can be used to create supervision and control complex for watercooling systems (WCS), that can eve shut down PC in case of a system crash



Nowadays lots of cooling control and management devices are made. But not all of them are highly functional and can meet requirements of hard-to-please users. Among all of the controllers capable of not just fan controlling there are two most popular devices — Aqua Computer Aquaero and mCubed T-Balancer. To answer all questions needed to make the right choice, had sent me both controllers for testing. Because of their huge amount of available options I decided to make a review for each of the controller provided. And only then I′ll make a comparative review of those two. So let′s start with Aquaero review. This device lets you control fans in reference with temperatures in control points, as well as it can be used to create supervision and control complex for watercooling systems (WCS), that can eve shut down PC in case of a system crash.

This is what the manufacturer says about its product:

The name Aquaero was combined from the two words “aqua” and “aero”. Equivalently, the Aquaero is a device that is responsible for the connection of water and air. Although the main task of the Aquaero is controlling of fans used with a water-cooling systems it offers many further options. The Aquaero is absolutely autonomous working microprocessor-controlled device with USB-Fullspeed-connection. All speed parameters and sensor values can be set and visualized in a user friendly menu or through an even easier to use PC-software. Also it can show almost any information over the supplied jaLCDs. This includes the up-to-date whether, stock-market information, Heise-news, as well as information about PC


Aquaero looks like standard 5.25″ bay device:

Aquaero USB 4.0

Device features:

Temperature sensors:
  • Connect up-to 6 temperature sensors
  • Free distribution of sensor names
  • Adjustable correction factors for fine-adjusting the sensors
Flow sensors:
  • Connect up-to 2 flow sensors
  • Free distribution of sensor names
  • Display alternatively in liter/hour or liter/minute
  • Adjustable flow sensor polling lets different manufacturer′s sensors to be used
  • Four fan control channels
  • Individual control setting for each channel or selected group
  • Up-to 2 sensors selection to control fan or group of fans
  • Two fixed fan speed control modes
  • Specified temperature retention algorithm
  • Fixed fan speed settings
  • Each channel data displayed separately
System error detection:
  • Fan stop detection
  • Critical flow rate settings
  • Critical value settings of temperature sensor readings
Actions in case of system failure:
  • Software-based PC power shut down settings
  • ATX-compatible power supply turn on/off (if connected appropriately)
  • Visual alarm via LEDs (if connected appropriately)
  • LED brightness adjustment in reference with temperature sensor readings or fixed LED brightness (if connected appropriately)
  • Sound alarm settings via PC-installed sound card in case of system crash*
  • Adjustable brightness and contrast
  • Display regular light turn-off adjustable time period
  • Display setting using LCD software platform JaLcd
  • Original Crystalfontz–Display font used
Aquastream pump connection:
  • Modular design, allows combination of Aquaero and Aquastream boards
  • Built-in diagnosis feature for Aquastream pumps
  • Pump status, malfunction and current data display
  • Adjustable pump performance level (Aquastream–Firmware 1.06 or higher needed)
  • Pump deaeration mode control
Other device connection:
  • Other Aqua Computer components can be connected via Aquabus bus
  • Optional connection of Multiswitch USB, programmable electronic USB switch with individual 8-channel control
  • Can interact with Tubemeter, reservoir heat carrier level sensor
Interaction with PC:
  • PC connection via HiSpeed USB 1.1 standard (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Uses HID (Human Interface Device) interface
  • No drivers needed using Windows, Linux or OS-X operating system
  • Control over all functions is organized via PC and supplied software (Windows)
  • Open source software for Linux
Firmware update:
  • The firmware of the Aquaero can be easily updated using supplied PC-software

* Aquasuite management software is required

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