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Aquaero USB 4.0 controller review

This device lets you control fans in reference with temperatures in control points, as well as it can be used to create supervision and control complex for watercooling systems (WCS), that can eve shut down PC in case of a system crash


There are several Aquaero version with different displays.
Aquaero with LCD display, matrix color — blue/white:

Aquaero with LCD [blue/white]

Aquaero with LCD, matrix color — inverted green (not available anymore):

Aquaero with LCD [inverted green]

Aquaero with VFD display:

Aquaero with VFD display

VFD display has better contrast parameters compared to LCD matrix. Feature of this display — its light color can be changed using special light filters.

Aquaero with OLED display (not available anymore):

Aquaero with OLED display

These displays have only green light color. OLED technology based displays are highly notable for their best contrast. The drawback of these displays is its life time: brightness can get worse after approximately 10000 hours. On the other hand, it means that after 2-3 years of use, the display will darken only a little.

Mentioned colors of displays and their photos were taken from manufacturer′s site. I didn′t want to make opinion upon my vision of colors.

There is also an LT version of Aquaero:

Aquaero LT

This version has all the features that full version of Aquaero does, but it doesn’t have a front panel, buttons, display and case. Control of Aquaero LT organized via supplied PC-software. A special kit can easily turn LT version of Aquaero into full one.

Beginning from summer 2009, manufacturer began offering an additional radiator for a device called Powerbooster — with its help one can connect different from Aquastream′s pumps. Now Aquaero is available with already pre-installed Powerbooster.

Those of you, who doesn′t like stainless steel front panel, can buy a black removable panel. Front panel also available in aluminum silver, for example, it matches Lian Li cases pretty good.

Black front panel for Aquaero

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