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Aquaero USB 4.0 controller review

This device lets you control fans in reference with temperatures in control points, as well as it can be used to create supervision and control complex for watercooling systems (WCS), that can eve shut down PC in case of a system crash


Package content

Package content

  • Aquaero
  • Four temperature sensors, cable length 0.7 m
  • Manual in German language
  • Four screws to mount the panel inside 5.25″ bay
  • CD containing PC-software
  • 0.7 m long internal USB PC connection cable

In addition, Aquaero USB 4.0 I got Aqua Сomputer Flow sensor high flow G1/4:

Aqua Сomputer Flow sensor “high flow” G1/4

There is no cable for connecting flow sensor to device inside as well as no fittings included — they have to be bought in advance.

Aqua Computer offers specialized temp sensors to check the water temperature in WC system:

Aqua Computer Temperature sensor in-line G1/4

This in-line sensor can be screwed into any WC component and any compression fitting or a barb can be screwed into it. The overall design of this sensor is quite convenient, though some waterblock have problems with installing these sensors. For instance, this sensor can only be screwed into Swiftech MCW60 with the help of an extender — sensor rests into too deep barb sockets of waterblock.

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