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Aquaero USB 4.0 controller review

This device lets you control fans in reference with temperatures in control points, as well as it can be used to create supervision and control complex for watercooling systems (WCS), that can eve shut down PC in case of a system crash



After supplied disk is loaded an auto start menu appears, offering the following:

Software auto-start window

I could not install PC-Software from the auto start menu using Window Vista 64-bit OS — the installation programs wouldn′t start. So I had to browse the disc using file manager and this is what I have found on the disk:

  • Aquasuite v.4.66.00 — Aquaero PC control software
  • Set Clock — Aquaero clock sync manager
  • Support libraries installation software, required for proper functioning of PC-software —.NetFramework 2.0 and MDAC 2.8
  • English and German manuals for Aquaero, Aquastream, Multiswitch, Tubemeter and German manual for Aquaduct and Poweradjust in PDF format
  • Two videos — the first one shows the process of Aquaero manufacturing. The second demonstrates operation of all possible devices connected via Aquabus bus. Everyone who already has Aquaero, I recommend you to watch those videos thoroughly. It is there where I found the most helpful setup info, not from the manual containing crumbs of information
  • Samurize 1.64.3 — alternative software that lets you bring to the desktop all information needed
  • AquaComputeramurizePlugin — plug-in to link-up Aquaero PC-Software and Samurize
  • Samurize setup video manual
  • SDK — essential pack for device, connected via Aquabus bus, software development. Supporting libraries for software localization are also included
  • Aeinfo 2.4 for win32 — alternative system tray software, capable of showing readings from Aquaero by simply clicking on it
  • Aeinfo 2.4 for Linux
  • Aeinfo-samurize 2.3 for win32 — Aeinfo mod, lets you use Samurize as data source
  • Aquastream xt flasher 1.00 — Aquastream pump firmware update software

I checked the latest software updates on official Aqua Computers site and it looks like the version of the software located on disk is newer than the one on official site. The download page was last updated on 10.06.2008 at 15:05:35. That excludes manual — The last Aquaero manual on official site is dated November 2007 and the one on the disk — August 2006. As it turned out later, Aqua Computer has new home page now —, PC-Software can be dowanloade from here.

For Aquaero to be controlled under ОС Windows Vista x64 using PC I only needed to install Aquasuite. The rest of supporting libraries are already integrated into operating system.

When the Aquasuite starts for the first time automatic firmware update window appears – all the supporting software including device firmware had up-to date versions:

Aquasuite: update cheking tool

The default interface language in Aquasuite is set to German. Interface language can be changed in Language menu. For further device overview I selected English as the software interface language:

Aquasuite: language selection

After language is changed, information displayed on LCD is still in German. To change info language shown on display just update the device firmware once again after Aquasuite language selection. According to manufacturer, American market is supplied with devices that are already set to English as default LCD information language.

In my case, the bad thing is that the Aquasuite’s Help is only available in German. I am not good in German, therefore, I had to use Help Topics from English manual and English part of Aqua Computers forum.

Aquasuite provides control over all the functions supported, thereby, all the following setting were made by it.

Aquasuite start-up begins with the window showing the “Overview” tab:

Aquasuite: “Overview” tab

The tab contains common information about connected sensors and device status. If you click in the setting area the corresponding device setting tab will appear.

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