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Aquaero USB 4.0 controller review

This device lets you control fans in reference with temperatures in control points, as well as it can be used to create supervision and control complex for watercooling systems (WCS), that can eve shut down PC in case of a system crash


Watercooling management

When creating Aquaero, complex computer WC system control features were provided by manufacturer. When other Aqua Computers products — Aquastream series pump, are connected to the device, the ability to controls its status through Aquaero becomes available.

For WCS reservoir heat carrier level control Aqua Computers offers the sensor called “Tubemeter” — after it is connected, Aquaero can set visual alert in case the heat carrier level drops inside reservoir and turn off the computer. For WCS flow control Aquaero offers you an ability to connect one or two flow sensors. Flow sensor tab includes settings for other manufacturer’s sensors.

Aquasuite: flow meter settings

For correct sensor readings pulse count of specific sensor model should be set. It is 169 pulses per litre for Aqua Computers flow sensor. You can add the second flow sensor instead of the fourth fan channel and you will need to define what exactly you have plugged into that connector in software.

Light control

Aquaero functionality includes PC light control. After LEDs are attached its brightness can be assigned to sensor readings. I placed my pair of LEDs in XSPC reservoir.

Aquasuite: LED control

LED brightness is adjusted in reference to heat carrier temperature or is fixed at a specified level. In case of alarm situation LEDs send warning signs by starting to blink.

For other light effect setup inside your case, for exp. using cold cathode lamps, Aqua Computers offers you to have programmable USB switch “Multiswitch USB” connected to Aquaero.

For more light special effect settings one can add scripts which can be created and ran in the appropriate tab of Aquasuite. Scripts can provide flexible control over the Multiswitch — effect type setup in reference with sensor readings, time of day etc.

Aquaero: script load

I could not find any information regarding script syntax, however, while trying to find that info I ran into this script writing program — it is easy to create scripts using that program even without any programming skills.

PC power control

Aquaero has a software-based function of PC power control in case of a system crash:

Aquasuite: Soft-TCS

In my opinion, plenty of power control settings will meet any user requirements. While using WCS, I had couple of cases when my pump stopped operating because of power plug pin tarnishing. Now Aquasuite can send an alert signal if pump stops working by making long sound signal and turning off the PC using software. This function is software controlled only. The front panel can′t provide such functionality. But there is a drawback in such PC power management. The alarm works only when OS and Aquasuite are loaded, i.e. if pump fails to start, the PC continues to operate for a short time after system start. And it also takes some time to shut the system down. To turn off the PC immediately after system begins malfunctioning you need to use Aquaero relay. You will also need an additional cable:

Aquaero PC power shut-down plug

To make things clearer here is a picture of how exactly the Aquaero relay can be connected:

PC power management

According to ATX specification power supply operates until PS_ON wire (green one) and GND (any black one) are linked up. These functions are provided by motherboards when “Power” button is pressed. If the plug between motherboard power connector and the same connector the power supply has is connected, the Aquaero relay will then duplicate mentioned above motherboard functions.

In case of WCS crash Aquaero disconnects PS_ON wire which leads to immediate power supply shut-down. In stead of Aquaero relay, some sort of electric circuit, for exp. ones that cut off PC power, can be connected. The appropriate tab has shut-down time settings and you can also select the device which malfunctioning will lead to PC power cut off:

Aquasuite: relay settings

This Power management function has another interesting feature — PC operation control according to schedule:

Aquasuite: PC operation schedule settings

The “Timer” tab has setting for PC work scheduling which is used by Aquaero to turn-on or turn-off the PC.

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