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Arctic Freezer 13 CO coolers are design for 24/7 operation

The CO index in product name stand for Сontinuous Operation.

Arctic company has released Freezer 13 CO и Freezer 13 Pro CO CPU coolers specially designed for user that keep their PCs running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The CO index in product name stand for Сontinuous Operation.

Arctic Freezer 13 CO

Cooling structure of Freezer 13 CO includes four cooper heat pipes, 45 aluminum plates and one 92mm fan. The last can spin from 600 to 2000 RPMs generating max airflow of 36.4 CFM. The novelty has overall dimensions of 123 x 96 x 130mm and weights 706g.

Arctic Freezer 13 Pro CO

The Pro model has two fans installed: a 120mm (300-1350 RPM) and a 50mm (700-2700 RPM). Freezer 13 Pro CO fan creates even bigger airflow, 49.7 CFM, while being quieter at the same time. Overall dimensions account to 134 x 96 x 159mm, weight — 893g.

Two Japanese ball bearings inside fans and retention mechanism strengthened with fiber glass provide extra longevity for these products. Both coolers are compatible with all major processors sockets available today, including AMD Socket FM1. At the same time, mounting mechanism delivers enough pressure for tight contact between CPU and cooler lasting at least 6 years of warranty.

Arctic Freezer 13 CO base

Manufacturer estimates Freezer 13 CO to be able of handling up-to 200W of thermal load while Freezer 13 Pro CO – up-to 300W. For bets heat transfer, both coolers have pre-applied MX-4 thermal paste on its bases.

The Freezer 13 Pro CO should be available for US $58.32 very soon while Freezer 13 CO will cost only $43.71.

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