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ASUS Padfone — tablet and smartphone combo

A complex device consisting of full-fledged smartphone and sort of docking station for tablet PC mode

Just before the start of Computex 2011 exhibition, Asus has announced its one of the most interesting and controversial products. We are talking about a tablet and smartphone Hybrid with a corresponding name Padfone.

ASUS Padfone
The company does not reveal full list of technical details of the novelty, but the main idea of the product is quite clear. Padfone — is a complex device consisting of full-fledged smartphone and sort of docking station that looks more like a tablet PC. The smartphone, equipped with sensor display of 4.3 inch size, is the core of the system, while the tablet looking docking station expands it functionality.

ASUS Padfone
In case user requires a bigger screen of 10.1 inches, he installs the smartphone into a special compartment located at the back of the docking station which turns Padfone into ordinary tablet PC. The smartphone runs Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The display of docking station shows scaled smartphone interface, at the same time, the phone gets fed with energy from docking station battery. The docking station has a web-cam and stereo speakers as well as a set of expansion ports. The phone itself has Micro HDMI and Micro USB connectors and also a 5Mp camera that can be used in tablet mode too — there a separate opening for phone camera lens on docking station front panel.

ASUS Padfone
We have already heard about smartphones with a docking station playing a major role in its life, for example, Motorola Atrix. But Asus’s variant looks different. However, the question whether this device will be in demand, remains open. On the other hand, Padfone developers are really gung-ho saying that the novelty will transform form a concept in to a full-fledged retail product by winter holidays and should cost same as Eee Pad Transformer.

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