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Asus plans on Mars and Matrix line-up expansion

Exclusive DirectCU II dual fan cooling system, 19-phase Super Alloy Power technology, on-board card status control system and more.

We have already wrote about Asus intentions to present a unique version of GeForce GTX 590 graphics card with increased memory buffer size and higher overclocking potential.

This was partially confirmed by PC Tuning web-site revealing Asus plans for Computex 2011 exhibition. The company is expected to demo MARS II and Matrix GTX580 cards based on GF110 chips.

Asus MARS II is the promised unique variant of GeForce GTX 590 made by Asus, which is equipped with exclusive DirectCU II dual fan cooling system delivering up-to 600% more air flow, as well as 19-phase Super Alloy Power technology providing 15% performance boost, 2.5 times longer lifespan and 35°C cooler operation. Partial confirmation means the novelty has only 3072MB of GDDR5 memory split equally between two GPUs. Clock rates to be discovered.

DirectCU II dual fan cooling system will be also used for Matrix series GeForce GTX 580 cards. The cad will have same 19-phase power system while specified clock rates are 816/4008MHz for GPU/Memory. Interesting to note that Asus Matrix GTX 580 cards feature emergency reset to default settings button on board, as well as voltage measurement points and direct voltage control system via buttons located on PCB. Extended GPU Tweak settings allow real-time clock frequency, voltage and fan speed as well as profile adjustments for up-to four cards settings.

In addition, first lucky owners of Asus Matrix GTX 580 cards has already published a photo-session of the novelty, so just seat back and enjoy the view:

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