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Author: HWLab Team

Once again, Asus used the “right to make a slight modification of the PCB” without any announcements

Koolance has announced its new waterblock which should outperform previous CPU-350 model

Detailed review of T-Balancer bigNG — fan controller with advanced features

High temperatures of ATI HD 5970 power elements when cooled by fullcover waterblock and possible reasons for it

This time, Swiftech presented several cooling solutions for ATI HD 5970, ATI HD 5850 and HD 5870 video adapters

This new top Swiftech waterblock became the leader among other competitors by combining high performance, low flow resistance and convenience of tubing setup

If it obvious that there is more room for card overclocking that limits allow then BIOS needs to be modernized.

Feature examining of PrimoFlex Pro LRT Black ID 7/16 х OD 5/8 tubing

Company presented a new innovative product, which combines a radiator, a pump and a reservoir in one unit

The manufacturer tried to combine all advantages of the best products on the market, noting that these rads are only produced in Germany and not somewhere in Far East