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Author: HWLab Team

At first sight, Swiftech Komodo 5800 does not look promising. However, appearance is deceptive — new arrival has quite an attractive technical features

Comparison of Phobya Ultra and Koolance AAC-VID001 thermal pads with thermal compound

This device lets you control fans in reference with temperatures in control points, as well as it can be used to create supervision and control complex for watercooling systems (WCS), that can eve shut down PC in case of a system crash

Installing Swiftech MCW60 on ATI HD 4770 and ATI HD 5770 using custom made mounts

The article presents all available technical specifications of Laing DDC pumps

The article reveals all available thechnical specifications of Eheim Universal pumps

Thermochill Company, well known for its legendary Thermochill radiators, has presented its brand new water coolant to the public — Thermochill EC6

Apogee GTZ passed the title of flagship to a new model — Apogee XT

Solutions for cooling GTX275 and GTX285 cards from Swiftech — waterblock for GTX275 and 2 waterblock for GTX285

The Swiftech company has expanded its Quiet Power radiator line with four-section model Swiftech MCR420-QP