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Catalyst 11.4 EP — illusory performance boost

Looking for performance change with RADEON HD 6970 and Catalyst 11.4 EP

3DMark 11

The latest version of synthetic benchmark in 3DMark line-up is actively using D3D11 API as well as physics test via Direct Compute technology, which is, by the way, a part of DirectX 11.

Performance (P) profile settings are used to evaluate the efficient of majority of Desktop computers with basic screen resolution of 1280×720 (720p). Tessellation detail is 5, Max Tessellation factor is 10.

3DMark 11 — Performance

3DMark 11 — Performance

Extreme profile sets the screen resolution to 1920×1080 (1080p). Graphics settings change too: test are run with x16 Anisotropic Filtering and x4 Anti Aliasing settings, Max Tessellation factor is 15 now.

3DMark Exreme

3DMark 11 — Extreme

It is hard to speak about a significant performances boost with new Catalyst drivers version 11.4 EP. The Extreme profile revealed no difference at all.

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