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The problem occurred when drive capacity was suddenly reducing to 8MB making all the data stored on it dispensary.

As the anonymous source with knowledge of the matter specifies, shifting to TSMC producing capacity is possible if the company can achieve enough yields of Apple A6 processors which is rumored to be a 28nm quad-core chip

ASRock company adds one more product to Fatal1ty line up. This time it is Fatal1ty 990FX Professional motherboard design mainly for yet to be released AMD FX-series processors, codename Bulldozer.

All of them are capable to work with Ivy Bridge processors, in fact, these processors are required to feel full power of PCI Express 3.0

Taiwanese company has states the plans for commercial launch of 28nm chips to remain unchanged with first revenues from new technology to appear in Q3 2011.

Media sources indicated the company is getting ready to present an entry level model for Desktop segment.

North America subdivision of ASUSTeK Computer has announced the availability of high-end motherboard through Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The list of A-series APUs has A6-3500 model positioned just below A6-3600. It would logically mean that these processors should differ by clock rate only, however, both are clocked the same.

Point of View GeForce GTX 570 2.5GB Ultra Charged will run at 810/1620/3960MHz, while GeForce GTX 570 2.5 GB Charged version will operate at 772/1544/3800 MHz.

It looks like TSMC has once again failed its partners to produce enough chips which caused delays.