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Finally, NVIDIA decided to fill up the low-end segment of graphic cards with Fermi based solution, namely GT420.

AMD is planning to start selling graphic cards based on new generation GPUs (Southern Islands) in November 2010

Bill Dally, NVIDIA chief scientist, revealed some details to reporters about the upcoming of GTX 485

Aqua computer introduced the second revision of Poweradjust to control pumps and other devices with large power consumption.

MCW80 differs form its predecessor by having a nicer look and better performance

Koolance has announced its new waterblock which should outperform previous CPU-350 model

This time, Swiftech presented several cooling solutions for ATI HD 5970, ATI HD 5850 and HD 5870 video adapters

Company presented a new innovative product, which combines a radiator, a pump and a reservoir in one unit

The manufacturer tried to combine all advantages of the best products on the market, noting that these rads are only produced in Germany and not somewhere in Far East

At first sight, Swiftech Komodo 5800 does not look promising. However, appearance is deceptive — new arrival has quite an attractive technical features