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Press-release: The Ultimate Platform for Your Next PC Build

Press-release: Grand New WINDFORCE 3X 2 Slot Cooling Design! 450 watt heat dissipation capability guarantee!

Press-release: a new design in Intel’s 22nm Tri-Gate SoC process delivering significant increases in performance and energy efficiency.

Noctua released a higher speed PWM version of its award-winning NF-A14 140mm fan

Noctua today announced the availability of an alternative mounting option for its NH-L9a low profile heatsink. The new mounting parts will be provided to NH-L9a users free of charge.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Modified Into Quadro K5000 and Tesla K10

While newer Noctua heatsinks support Haswell’s LGA1150 socket out of the box, older models can now be upgraded with the new NM-i115x kit at no additional cost

Press-release: Leading the Development of the DIY All-in-One PC Ecosystem

Press-release: Featuring a further refined blade design with Anti-Stall Knobs that works in tandem with the new AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frame, the NF-S12A improves the airflow/noise efficiency of its renowned predecessor by up to 8%.

Performance of AMD HD 7000 cards is considered enough for good competition in the market. AMD is not planning on presenting next generation of graphics processors in 2013.