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The 6th version stands out by having new option (about:memory) that allows change of some memory settings thus reducing the amount of memory required for browser.

According to Microsoft, the company plans to cancel further support of Office XP that was released back in 2001 and SP1 for Windows Vista. The latest updates for these products will be released on 12th on July 2011.

The 7th version of world known Internet browser will concentrate on performance improvement and memory usage optimization.

Today the company has published final release of FF5 ahead of time, though it was planned to be launched on 21st of June

Largest internet service, Google, will officially stop support for Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3 and its predecessors from 1st of August 2011

Adroind version of MSI Afterburner allows distant management of graphics card operation inside Desktop PC

New OS will feature updated user interface, while ARM support should give Microsoft a chance to strengthen its position on tablet market.

This is the first WHQL-certified release from the Release 270 family of drivers (versions 270.xx to 274.xx).

First alpha builds of Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 are officially presented.

Futuremark today confirmed that PCMark 7 will be released on May 3, 2011