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GTX 485 — comming soon?

Bill Dally, NVIDIA chief scientist, revealed some details to reporters about the upcoming of GTX 485

Bill Dally, NVIDIA chief scientist, while giving the interview to revealed some details of the upcoming GTX 485 — new graphic card which is going to replace current fastest NVIDIA videocard, GTX 480.

As he said, new videocard will be faster and cooler. GPU frequency will be 20MHz higher compared to GTX 480, cooling system will be improved as well. The only thing we know for sure is that GTX 485 will use PCI bracket of slightly modified design:

GTX 480 and GTX 485 (on the right)

According to EVGA, PCI brackets of new design for GeForce GTX 470 SuperClocked+ videoacard brought up to 7°C gain over the stock bracket.

PCB layout will also be improved thus bringing us better OC capability.

MSRP of GTX 485 will be $20 higher than current GTX 480 price, at same time, GTX 480 cards will become a little bit cheaper.

Estimated time of arrival is still unknown.


Info on GTX 485 became so popular on internet so we decided to comment this news using our own researches. Earlier mentioned PCI brackets are already selling with GeForce GTX 470 SuperClocked+ graphic cards. Probably, that picture above shows one of EVGA graphic cards, but not the mysterious GTX 485 We also have information on NVIDIA’s plans on releasing new graphic cards. There will be a release of GTX 460 cards in the beginning of July. They will be based one GPU GF104. Its performance level will be slightly lower than already announced GTX465’s which use GPU GF100. GTX 460 is expected to have low heat emission and high overclock potential. The expected cost of the novelty will be $230. In the beginning of August there will be a release of GTS 450 and GTS 455 video cards with MSRP $129-$179 that will replace current GTS 250 cards. The newbies will be based on GPU GF106 At the end of August GT 240 card will be replaced with new graphic solution based on GPU GF108. As we see, NVIDIA’s plans feature no GTX 485 cards. In the end, our analysis concludes that news about GTX 480 can be a canard.

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# Avatar joke,

did you know kitguru was a joke?
that picture’s bracket doesn’t even represent gtx 485, if so they would’ve shown side view.
I maybe wrong but those brackets are gtx 480 (left) and gtx 470 OC version (right).

ps. I wouldn’t recommend posting an arcticle from unreliable source. just reading this, I wouldn’t want to come to this websites anymore.

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