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Cooler Master presents “Ded Moroz” cooler

Worlds first universal cooler, designed with high requirements of end-users and assistance of Cooler Master

Cooler Master has officially launched “Ded Moroz” (Russian version of Santa Clause) CPU cooler which is said to be “Worlds first universal cooler, designed specifically for hardware enthusiasts of Post-Soviet space in concordance with high requirements of local end-users and assistance of Cooler Master office in Moscow, Russian federation”. Cooler is compatible with high-end Intel and AMD platforms.

Cooler Master Ded Moroz cooler

Manufacturer outlines “Ded Moroz” to have enhanced noise/performance ratio and ability to increase cooling performance by mounting second fan using QuickSnap fasteners. Cooler Master targets the novelty mainly at gamers, overclockers and other PC enthusiast.

Cooler Master Ded Moroz cooler

The cooling arrangement consists of main heatsink and four heatpipes with direct contacting to CPU lead. The main heatsink is aired by 120mm PWM controlled fan with speed range 600-2000 RPM. This generates airflow of 26.5–85.8 CFM and noise level — 13-30 dBA depending on speed. Fan has “special shape blades and barometric ball bearing”. Specified MTBF value is 100000 hours.

Cooler Master Ded Moroz cooler

“Ded Moroz” comes with universal mounting mechanism allowing it to be installed on Intel Socket LGA 1366, 1156, 1155, 775 and AMD Socket AM3, AM2+, AM2 processors. The cooler weights 588g and has following dimensions 116 x 51 x 159 mm.

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