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Crysis 2 finally gets DirectX 11 support!

Crysis 2 has finally received a DirectX11 support three months later after it was officially launched.

It has finally happened! Crysis 2 has finally received a DirectX 11 support three months later after it was officially launched. Corresponding updates, DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade, are already available for download from game’s official web-site absolutely free of charge. Changes within those patches not only add DX11 graphics setting, but also includes noticeable resource optimization and graphics enhancements for DX9. Now, users with DX11 cards can please their eyes with in-game tessellation effects and incredibly appealing image quality. Besides that, anyone can download High Res Textures pack, however, it requires 64-bit Window OS and a minimum of 768MB of video memory. Any of the presented updates require game patch version 1.9.

To remind you, the game has debuted in March 2011 and became the first multi-platform (PC, PS3, Xbox360) product of Crytec studio. As game developers explained, this was the main reason why they did not concentrate on DX11 in first place. PC-version of Crysis 2 is a console port and by the time it was released it had only DX9 support, nonetheless, the game featured great graphics and rather low system retirements. Corresponding DX11 updates became available for download from website almost a week ago, on 22nd of June, but shortly were removed from public access till 1.9 patch was released

Soon there will be also an update for corresponding Adrenaline Benchmark tool, current version 0.15 does not support D3D11 installation. However, you can already use NVIDIA oaMan UI Tool instead.

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