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Cuplex Kryos review

The main target for Cryos is to create a waterblock capable of competing with currently TOP ones.


Release of the Watercool HeatKiller v.3 waterblock became, so to say, crucial point in waterblock history. New innovative water injection system, that was first used in HeatKiller, later became the main design feature further waterblocks made by other manufacturers — EK Supreme HF, Koolance CPU-360, Swiftech Apogee XT. This time we will get acquainted with the version made by Aqua Computer — Cuplex Kryos.

Cuplex Kryos became the most money consuming project in the history of Aqua Computer. The main point of this project is to create a waterblock capable of competing with currently TOP ones. The name for the waterblock comes from the ancient god of Cold, meaning the waterblock will become a leading waterblock.

There are several versions of Cuplex Kryos waterblocks.

Cuplex Kryos Derlin version has a top made of block derlin:

Cuplex Kryos Derlin

This version costs 39.90 €.

The price of Cuplex Kryos Pro with brass top is 49.90 €:

Cuplex Kryos Pro

Version with nickel plated top is named Cuplex Kryos XT:

Cuplex Kryos

Recommended price of this version is 69.90 €.

Finally, the top model Cuplex Kryos HF for 74.90 € has copper top and increased distance between inlet/outlet ports for compatibility with compression fittings for the 5/8″ OD tubing:

Cuplex Kryos HF

Our testing laboratory was lucky to receive an engineering sample of Cuplex Kryos XT:

packeging Kryos XT

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