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Cuplex Kryos review

The main target for Cryos is to create a waterblock capable of competing with currently TOP ones.

Design features

Waterblock disassembling:

Cuplex Kryos XT inner structure

Cuplex Kryos XT top

What is this — a déjà vu? No, the design is very similar to the one Apogee XT has:

Apogee XT inner structure

Both waterblocks go with the crowd — HeatKiller v3, mentioned earlier, gave a start to such a design. More detailed information on Apogee XT van be found in this review.

Cuplex Kryos XT base pin matrix is composed of 1911 pin structure, each having 0.1mm2 area:

Cuplex Kryos XT base

We could find no innovative features of Cuplex Kryos’s design, so lets put it together and continue onto installation.

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