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Cuplex Kryos review

The main target for Cryos is to create a waterblock capable of competing with currently TOP ones.


First things first, lets try my favourite barbs, Bitspower Premium G1/4″ High Flow 1/2″ Fittings [BP-WTP-C01]:

Cuplex Cryos XT and BP Premium G1/4

Distance between input/output ports allows to use up ot 5/8″ OD tubing with no problems. Some problems with hose fixing may occur if 3/4″ OD tubing is used on this waterblock — no space for hose clamps.

An what about compression fittings compatibility? Lets try Feser ID1/2″ OD3/4″ compression fittings:

Cuplex Kryos and Feser ID1/2 OD3/4

Compression fittings for the hose with 5/8″ OD or bigger are incompatible with the waterblock. Cuplex Kryos HF version has this problem partially solved — input/output ports are placed so that compression fittings for 5/8″ OD tubing can be used.

However, Cuplex Kryos XT problem with compression fittings of larger OD tubing size can be also solved — just use Bitspower rotary angle adapters. In our testing we used Bitspower G 1/4″ Silver Shiny Dual Rotary 45 Degree IG 1/4″ Adapter:

Kryos и Feser ID1/2 OD3/4 together with BP adapter

Well, we bypassed all the problems concerning barb and fitting usage, lets go to waterblock installation.

Mounting hardware seems to be hard to apply, so it is recommended to read installation manual when first installing:

Cuplex Kryos mounting scheme

First time trying to install the waterblock on DFI UT x58 motherboard revealed Cuplex Kryos incompatibility with it:

Cuplex Kryos mounting hardware interfiears with motherboard VRM waterblock

One side of the waterblock’s mounting hardware got in the way with motherboard’s VRM waterblock.

This time I had to use rotary sawing tool to cut mounting hardware by about 2.5 mm. After that I could install the waterblock with no problems:

Cuplex Kryos and DFI UT x58

In addition, there is some information that engineering samples are not compatible with EVGA 758, 759, 760 motherboards. The manufacturer promised to fix this small bug in production samples of Cuplex Kryos.

The mounting hardware itself, seems to be a bit difficult and inconvenient for me — the idea with the screws on the backside of the board was not really the right one. Threads in the backplate and use of only four top mounting screws could make the installation process much easier.

Although, the convenience of waterblock installation for me as a hardware tester can be treated as a need of multiple waterblock installing/uninstalling. I prefer to have a waterblock that ca be easily changed, as for Cuplex Kryos, I can’t make it possible. For majority of users waterblock installations process is a one time procedure, and if there is no need to change the waterblock, then Cuplex Kryos mounting hardware can be called reliable and does not trigger any negative emotions.

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