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Design To Fullfill Everyones’s Demand – VTX3D HD 7700 Series

Press-release: Packed with incredible features, VTX3D HD7700 series perform beyond your expectation

A leading brand of graphics card maker — VTX3D, today reveals the most alluring product, VTX3D HD7700 series. Based on the latest AMD Cape Verde GPU, VTX3D HD7700 series packed with incredible features and ready to satisfy everyone. With built-in 28nm GPU design and advanced DirectX® 11.1 support, your games and apps have never had it this good.

VTX3D HD 7700 Series

The VTX3D HD7700 family includes HD7770 GHz Edition and HD7750, and both are fitted with 1GB of GDDR5 memory. VTX3D HD7770 GHz Edition and HD7750 are clocked at 1000MHz and 800MHz respectively, also together with 1125Mhz for both memory, delivering the best performance in its class. Moreover, all VTX3D HD7700 products support the latest PCI Express 3.0, delivering double the bandwidth per lane for faster communication between GPU and CPU.

VTX3D HD 7700 Series

These cards offer full support for AMD App Acceleration technology, not only bringing marvelous HD experience, but also making quick work of everyday applications. With AMD Eyefinity technology support, you can tap into the full potential of your GPU by gaming on up to three displays simultaneously and at resolutions beyond 5760×1080. With outstanding performance scaling, a system equipped with AMD CrossFireTM technology system keeps you flagging while everyone else is reaching for an upgrade.

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