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Innovation details of the latest MSI graphic cards

MSI unveils Power4 architecture and Twin Frozr III and Cyclone II cooling technologies

(LAS VEGAS – January 5, 2011) Internationally renowned graphic card and mainboard manufacturer MSI always displays the latest performance-focus products at every major worldwide IT event and 2011 is no exception.

MSI is ready to display the latest products across the line at the upcoming CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the USA. In the VGA graphics card realm, MSI will display for the first-time two next-generation flagship models with unprecedented performance: the N580GTX Lightning and R6970 Lightning. MSI has made aggressive improvements in power system and material of both graphic cards so, without a doubt, both models will be a lethal weapon for power users pursuing extreme performance to create new world records. MSI will also announce the next-generation thermal design using the exclusive “Propeller Blade” technology: Twin Frozr III and Cyclone II. When compared with conventional designs, the propeller design can boost airflow by 20%, making both graphic cards a prime choice for integrating performance and temperature control. Also to mention is that the N460GTX Hawk is the only single GPU graphics card to win the CES 2011 Design & Engineering Showcase Honors — an award that is an assurance of MSI’s devotion to innovation and R&D.

The relentless pursuit of perfection in thermal solution, materials and power system: MSI Lightning Series.

Including the N580GTX Lightning and R6970 Lightning, the next-generation Lightning Series is equipped with the top GPUs from NVidia and AMD, respectively. MSI has implemented the Military Class II components to this latest generation in order to promote OC stability to a higher level in addition to continuing the advanced Power4 Architecture from the previous generation,. The next-generation Lightning Series is also equipped with the MSI-Exclusive triple over-voltage function for users to totally unleash the potential and performance of the Lightning Series graphics cards. The advanced Twin Frozr III thermal solution consisting of dual 9cm PWM fans and SuperPipes provides the best thermal performance. All such features indicate that MSI is relentlessly pursuing perfection in thermal, materials and power supply design. It is believed that the new-generation Lightning Series will again open a new chapter in graphic card performance.

Twin Frozr and Cyclone advanced thermal design: MSI-exclusive “Propeller Blade” technology with extreme airflow

The “Propeller Blade” technology exclusively developed by MSI is another focus of CES 2011. Both the Twin Frozr and Cyclone have received major support from both the media and power users since they were launched. To make an even bigger step forward in thermal solutions, MSI has endeavored to improve and thus invented the propeller-like blade that can reduce drag and expand the range of airflow to enhance the cooling effect. By equipping the “Propeller Blade” technology to the next-generation Twin Frozr III and Cyclone II thermal modules, MSI provides 20% better airflow on its graphics card products that blows away the competition.

N460GTX Hawk: Winner of CES Design & Engineering Showcase Honors

MSI N460GTX Hawk
In addition to the jaw-dropping appearance of the Lightning Series, the N460GTX Hawk has earned numerous accolades from power users and the media, leading to the award of CES Design & Engineering Showcase Honors at CES 2011. It is the second-time recognition of the N460GTX Hawk, using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 GPU. It is the only single GPU graphic card to win the CES Design & Engineering Showcase Honors because it is the world’s first graphics card equipped with a triple over-voltage function, 7+1 phase PWM design, Military Class II Components, and the MSI-exclusive Twin Frozr II thermal solution.

Source: MSI

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