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Diamond Radeon HD 6900 series trio

The introduction of HD 6900 series graphics cards from Diamond Multimedia

For over two decades, Diamond Multimedia has been widely recognized as a pioneer in the graphics, sound and communications industries and a key player in launching the multimedia revolution. Our mission is to provide our customers with the latest quality technology combined with outstanding service and support.

Diamond offers a complete multimedia solution featuring ATI Radeon graphics cards, TV tuners, USB display adapters, video capture devices, sound cards, modems, and electronics accessories all from one convenient location.

Today, Diamond Multimedia has presented three HD 6900 series models: 6970PE52G, 6970PE52GXOC, 6950PE52G
Diamond HD 6970 Box
Diamond HD 6970
Diamond Radeon 6970PE52G uses a new GPU architecture from AMD which features dual graphics engines in one chip with 24 SIMD engines and a total of 1536 stream processors with 96 texture units, providing massively parallel computing power for graphics and other accelerated applications. Its core clock speed of 880MHz, together with a dedicated high speed interface to 2GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1375MHz (5.5Gb/s effective) delivers the highest performance in this series. New Tessellation engines bring three times the performance of the previous generation, and new Enhanced Quality AA and new filtering modes bring the highest image quality ever achieved.

The last two letters in Diamond Radeon 6970PE52GXOC naming represent the higher clocks both for core and memory. In facts, its 925 MHz for Core and 1425 MHz for memory thus providing even more gaming performance compared to reference clock cards of Radeon HD 6970 card.
Diamond HD 6950 Box
Diamond HD 6950 Box
Diamond Radeon 6950PE52G is a name for AMD HD 6950 graphics accelerator, featuring 22 SIMD/1408 ALU and 88 TMUs. The clocks are set to default 800Mhz for core and 1250Mhz for memory. The cards is equipped with 2gb of fast GDDR5 video memory running trough 256-bit memory interface.Base on 40nm process technology its consume up-to 200W of power which are drawn through two 6-pin supplementary power connectors. The vapor chamber cooling system ensures high cooling performance while operating silently at the same time.

Diamond HD 6900 series card specs
The Diamond Multimedia HD 6900 series features the latest graphics technology from AMD designed to support all the features of Microsoft DirectX 11 and DirectCompute 11. The new GPU’s are built in AMD’s 40nm process to deliver high performance with low power consumption. Advanced hardware features include an enhanced Tesselation unit, new AA and image filtering options, dedicated HDR Texture compression, multi-threaded communication with system CPU cores, embedded support for many of the DirectCompute 11 instructions, 3D stereoscopic support and HDMI 1.4a.

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