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Duke Nukem Forever to Feature NVIDIA 3D Vision Support

Press release: See Duke in All His Glory in Full HD on Your 3D Vision or 3D Vision Surround PC

NVIDIA today announced that the year’s most-anticipated PC game, Duke Nukem Forever®, will provide full support for NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ technology, enabling gamers to experience the King and his alien-bashing antics like never before in high-quality, breathtaking, stereoscopic 3D.

Scheduled to launch in the U.S. on June 14, 2011, Duke Nukem Forever is the long-awaited follow-on to one of the most popular PC games of all time, and the developer, Gearbox Software, is pulling out all the stops to make this one memorable.

In addition to adding stunning new graphics, new alien foes, new babes, and more debauchery, Gearbox is integrating full support for NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, giving gamers an up-close and personal look into Duke’s world. And, with NVIDIA® Surround™ technology, gamers can experience Duke’s alien battles, beer drinking and world-saving in 3D across three full HD 1080p displays, or in 2D across three 2560×1600 displays, for a completely stunning and immersive gaming experience.

Randy Pitchford, president and CEO of Gearbox Software, said :

3D Vision adds an amazing new dimension to the Duke Nukem Forever experience, virtually dropping you right into the game. All Gearbox developers use NVIDIA graphics in development, and I use NVIDIA graphics at home. This is the closest you’ll get to feeling what it’s like to be the King!

To help you get your PC cranked up and ready for Duke, NVIDIA and EVGA have teamed up to bring you Duke’s “Fully Loaded Package.” This special edition Duke Nukem Forever bundle includes a full PC copy of Duke Nukem Forever, an NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 560 graphics card by EVGA, a limited edition Duke Nukem Forever strategy guide art book and mouse pad, and a custom Duke Nukem “Radioactive” belt buckle. For more information on Duke’s Fully Loaded Package, visit:

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