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ECS Nonstop Technology: a New Frontier in PC Stability and Performance

Press-release: The strictest testing and the toughest components combined, to deliver motherboards that won’t let you down

Nonstop Technology from Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) finally delivers a hassle free computing experience by solving common PC hardware problems before they can even occur. A specially-devised testing regime – far stricter than common industry standards – combined with the highest quality components and shielding, ensures that ECS Nonstop certified motherboards can be relied on for stability and reliability far into the future.

ECS Nonstop

For PC owners suffering crashes, instability and poor performance, ECS Nonstop motherboards can now deliver the stability, reliability and power that other manufacturers only promise. All ECS Black Series Motherboards are Nonstop certified, including these models: X79R-AX, X79R-AX deluxe, A990FXM-A, A990FXM-A Deluxe, A75F-A, H61H2-A2 Deluxe, Z77H2-AX, Z77H2-A2X, and Z77H2-A2X deluxe. Future Black Series Motherboards will adopt ECS Nonstop Technology, as well.

Nonstop technology comprises four interlocking tests and enhancements that combine together to protect PCs and defeat many of the most common causes of hardware problems and system instability

The Toughest Stability Testing
Every ECS Nonstop certified motherboard must survive the Super Marathon 3X Stability test, a military level assault course of tests that checks and stresses critical components to ensure that they are up to ECS standards. The Super Marathon Stability Test is aptly named, because each board runs through the testing cycle more than 30.000 times in the course of a strenuous 72-hour workout. This testing regime is devised and guaranteed by more than 30 professional ECS testers.

In addition, every Nonstop certified board must undergo the Sahara Severe Test: a 50°C severe environment test. Running at 125 percent higher than standard high temperature tests, the Sahara Severe Test checks every boards' ability to keep working flawlessly – even when handling supremely demanding computing tasks under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Only those boards which can pass the Super Marathon Stability test and the 50°C Severe Environment Test while still delivering the flawless, glitch-free high performance that ECS expects are ultimately awarded Nonstop Certification and allowed to reach ECS customers.

Ultimate Hardware Protection
As well as standard ECS performance features, ECS Nonstop boards also include 100 percent solid Apache Long-life capacitors, to protect users from capacitor leakage and failure problems. This technology was developed by a team of more than 40 hardware experts.

In some competing products from other manufacturers, capacitors made with older, less reliable technology can leak, swell or even burst, causing hard-to-pin-down stability and performance issues, or even total failure. Apache Long-life Capacitors have a lifetime six times longer than traditional capacitors, putting all these problems firmly in the past.

The final, critical component of ECS Nonstop technology is Thor Ultra Protection comprehensive electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. The 100 percent ESD protection on Nonstop motherboards is achieved with special circuitry, consisting of dozens of extra components, that protects expensive and delicate chips, like the CPU, DRAM and more, from static build up that can damage or destroy them without warning. Thor Ultra Protection follows the toughest NASA guidelines for preventing ESD damage.

ECS Nonstop

Find out more about ECS Nonstop Technology, including videos, competitions, chances to win prizes, and an exciting worldwide series of promotional events, at the ECS website – or by visiting the ECS Nonstop Campaign 2012.

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