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EK waterblocks looses partners

Two large resellers for EK watercooling components has suspended the sales of nickel plated products due to poor manufacturing quality

Today, one of the main distributors for EK waterblock products in USA — Sidewinder computers — has made an official statement canceling sales for EK products that are have nickel plating. As Gary Stoffer, CEO of Sidewinder computers, explains:

Today, it came to our attention that during an examination of a new Nickel Plated EK FC 460 GTX Waterblock, the nickel plating surface of this block was clearly shown to be insufficient and incomplete. As a result, Sidewinder Computers cannot in good conscience continue to resell Nickel Plated waterblocks which may have an unfinished or incomplete plating surface. Effective immediately, all sales of EK Nickel plated waterblocks are suspended indefinitely pending further investigation.

EK FC 460 GTX Waterblock poor nickel plating

This was shortly followed by another official statement from Australian distributor of EK offerings, The Kool Room:

Due to recent events we have suspended the sale of all EKWB products that are Nickel Plated or have Nickel components until such time as we receive official notification/clearance from EKWB. Please note this action only relates to products that are Nickel Plated.

Such statements was based on consumer feedback that included test results for Nickel plating quality investigation. The essence of the problem is that poor nickel plating results in pores emergence exposing metal layer beneath it — generally copper. Copper exposure together with surrounding plating can form conditions for bimetallic corrosion.

EK waterblocks have not made any official comments yet.

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