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Enermax introduces new Fulmo ST Midi Tower

Press-release: Striking Tower for Cool Systems

The new Fulmo ST midi tower from Enermax hits Europe: In coming week, the manufacturer will start to sell the long-awaited chassis. The Fulmo ST is designed for the needs of modern gaming rigs supporting Multi-GPU configurations as well as a powerful cooling system and a performance-capable data storage management with up to ten HDDs or SSDs. Externally, the most striking elements of the new Enermax tower are the wide mesh areas on the front and top panels and the darkly tinted acrylic window at the side. The manufacturer will offer two models: an advanced version in Gunmetal Grey with two blue 14cm LED fans in the front and a basic black Fulmo ST edition.

Flexible Space Management
MSI GTX 650 Ti Power Edition
Enermax has developed a spacious internal structure which can be easily customized according to the system demands: The removable upper HDD cage creates space for high-performance graphics cards with up to 412mm lengths. In need, also the small 2.5” SSD/HDD cage at the bottom can be fully removed or mounted at another position inside the case. Fulmo ST is wider than the standard cases at the market. With a total width of 244mm, it allows for the installation of bigger tower coolers as well as for a lavish, hidden cable management behind the mainboard tray. The Enermax case designers have also considered the requirements for the integration of strong water cooling units and allocated enough room for 240/280mm radiators under the top of the tower. 60mm distance between the top panel and motherboard ensure sufficient space for every liquid cooler, even with mounted fans.

Cool Data Management
Cooling products from Enermax like case fans, CPU coolers or all-in-one liquid coolers are increasingly popular around the world. Therefore, the know-how and experiences of the R&D department for cooling solutions have also influence on the design of the Enermax cases. Apart from the pre-installed rear fan and the two 14cm front fans (only ECA3270A-G-BL), users can upgrade the case with up to seven additional fans. Compared with previous models, the product engineers have significantly improved the HDD cooling system: Each hard disk cage can be directly cooled with two 12cm fans. Furthermore, two 14cm fans support the fresh air supply from the front side. In sum, the Fulmo ST accommodates up to ten 2.5/3.5” hard disk and solid state drives. Two USB 3.0 ports at the top ensure a quick data transfer with external storage devices. Last but not least, Enermax has also integrated the new patented Slide In™ mechanism for optical disk drives (ODD). After sliding in, the ODDs are locked automatically.

Availability and Prices
Fulmo ST will be available for sale from next week on. The tower comes in two versions: Gunmetal Grey with blue LED front fans (ECA3270A-G-BL) and Black without LED fans (ECA3270B-B). MSRP incl. VAT: 109.90 Euro incl. VAT for the ECA3270A-G-BL and 89.90 Euro incl. VAT for the ECA3270B-B.

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