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Enermax will present high-end PC cases at CeBIT 2011

Well-known PC computer manufacturer will demonstrates two new cases targeted at high-performance segment.

Enermax officially confirmed its presence at the upcoming technology exhibition CeBIT 2011 which will begin early march in Germany. Apart from rest, well-known PC computer manufacturer will also demonstrates two new cases targeted at high-performance segment.

Currently the novelties are hidden under models numbers ECA5020 and ECA3230, are made for hardware enthusiasts as well have a lot of space inside to install high-end components with top notch cooling solutions. According to Enermax, the ECA5020 case of Full Tower design can fit up-to 20 fans, quad graphic card setup and up-to 14 optical and hard drivesквартет.

Note that dimensions of ECA5020 are 620 x 234 x 568 mm, which enabled users to have EATX and HPTX motherboards, that are normally used in server computers, installed inside this case. Regarding ECA3230 computer case, it is Midi Tower, nonetheless, it does not lack details and functionality of its elder “brother”. As for the rest details, they are to revealed during CeBIT 2011 exhibition.

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