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EVGA GeForce GTX 570 review

Review of EVGA GeForce GTX 570


As usual, it time to conclude our final impression on GeForce GTX 570.

  • The level of performance GeForce GTX 570 has, took the place between RADEON HD 6950 2GB and RADEON HD 6970 2GB, with some advantage over the last one in several favorable application.
  • The performance boost compared to its predecessor, GeForce GTX 470, numbers 34%. This is undoubtedly a huge speed enchantment fr the card based on same technological process and same architecture.

Couple of words about the graphics card its self:

  • Compared to GeForce GTX 470 the main contestant od today’s review was more user-friendly. Cold temper, quiet cooling system along with performance results don’t leave its predecessor no chance to compete.
  • GeForce GTX 570 demoed excellent overclocking potential, and what is more — awesome performance scalability.
  • Stock cooling plate was quite a handy addition to universal waterblock.

Overall, during testing i derived great pleasure from the card, however, there were some drawbacks:

  • Reduced power sub-system can be considered as a bottleneck, because four phases powering GPU limit the overclocking potential of the card.

Is GeForce GTX 570 a good bargain? As an owner of high-res display, i definitely say YES.

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