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Exceleram EP3001a — budget DDR3 memory review

Power Chip Rev. D 128 memory chips and и 6-layer PCB. Overclocked to 2087MHz with 7-10-7 timings fro a cost of up-to 22€

Exceleram EP3001A memory

Meeting our possibilities halfway, Exceleram was kind to provide us with a set of memory modules required for testing on Nehalem platform:

Exceleram EP3001A

Every module comes in a separate packaging with transparent cover revealing memory labelling.

A small present lies inside, right under the module:

Exceleram EP3001A

Perhaps, this is a way for Exceleram to agreeably surprise customers: hardware is important but don’t forget oneself.

Exceleram EP3001A

Exceleram EP3001A

There are 8 chips placed on each side of a memory module with a total size of 2GB. The labeling shows main memory specs: two modules guarantee to operate at a speed of 667MHz (DDR3-1333) with 9-9-9-24 timings and voltage of 1.5V. This budget type memory comes without a heatsink to reduce the cost of the product even more.

Exceleram EP3001A

Exceleram EP3001a uses 6-layer PCB.

THS463A3G-WВ memory chips

The chip marking says THS463A3G-WВ, which is none other than Power Chip Rev. D 128. Same chips are used by different memory manufacturers for their products targeted at overclocking.

Here is Exceleram EP3001a SPD information provided by CPU-z tool:

SPD Exceleram EP3001A

More detailed information can be obtained through AIDA64 (former Everest) software:

SPD Exceleram EP3001A

For JEDEC profile with clock rate of 666MHz timings are, as follows: CL9, RCD9, RP9, RAS24, RC33, RFC74, RRD4, WR10, WTR5, RTP5.The memory SPD lacks Extreme Memory Profiles settings.

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