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Exceleram EP3001a — budget DDR3 memory review

Power Chip Rev. D 128 memory chips and и 6-layer PCB. Overclocked to 2087MHz with 7-10-7 timings fro a cost of up-to 22€



  • Low cost
  • Unusual package content
  • Awesome overclocking potential

Recommended price of 20-22€ for single module in Europe and $28-30 in USA coupled with lots of room for overclocking makes Exceleram EP3001A a very good deal.

Power Chip Rev. D 128 chips show its best with raised RC and RAS latencies that should be take into account during system setup.


  • Absence of Extreme Memory Profiles in memory SPD

Information from Extreme Memory Profiles could be helpful for beginner overclockers to setup memory right. However, that did not confuse us — DDR3 memory runs low on temperatures operating 24/7 at 1.50-1.55V so it can fairly be used without additional cooling that can affect products’ cost.

Exceleram EP 3001A memory has proven companies moto — tested memory has great potential capable of meeting requirements of plain users and OC addicts.

Our gratitude goes to:

  • Exсeleram company for providing samples for testing

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